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General Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance. Quality Coverage at Great Rates.


Hey there, business owners of Melbourne, Palm Bay, Beaches, Brevard County, FL! Let's have a heart-to-heart about something that might not be the first thing on your mind, but is crucially important – General Liability Insurance. Whether you're running a cafe, a bookstore, or a tech startup, life, as we know, can be unpredictable. That's where 1 Source Insurance Agency Inc. comes in, offering a safety net for those 'just in case' moments. Intrigued? Reach out at 321 722-3888 – we're here to chat!

Why General Liability Insurance?

Your business is your dream turned reality. But with every customer that walks through your doors, there's a risk – accidents happen, misunderstandings arise. General Liability Insurance is about protecting your dream from these unforeseen hiccups. It's not just insurance; it's peace of mind.

Essential Coverage Areas

Bodily Injury

Property Damage

Legal Defense


Here are some typical scenarios covered by general liability insurance:

  • Injuries to customers or visitors at your business premises
  • Damage to property caused by your operations or employees
  • Legal costs if your business faces a lawsuit for the above reasons

Real Stories, Real Protection

Picture this: A client slips on a wet floor in your store and sprains their ankle. Or maybe, during a home service, your employee accidentally breaks a valuable item. These are more than just scenarios; they're real risks that can happen any day. With 1 Source Insurance Agency Inc.'s general liability insurance, you're ready to face these challenges head-on.

Why Partner with 1 Source Insurance Agency Inc.?

Choosing 1 Source Insurance Agency Inc. means you're not just getting insurance; you're gaining a partner. We know Melbourne, Palm Bay, Beaches, Brevard County, FL, we know business, and we know how to protect yours. Questions? Ideas? Concerns? We're all ears and just a call away at 321 722-3888.

Easy Steps to Your Coverage

Getting your business covered with 1 Source Insurance Agency Inc. is straightforward and hassle-free. We're just a call away at 321 722-3888, or you can easily fill out our online quote request form. Let's make sure your business continues to thrive, come what may.